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Sewage problems and backups are some of the most damaging and dangerous disasters that can strike a home or business. Water from a sewage backup is highly contaminated and will ruin anything it comes in contact with. Sewage problems can even contaminate anything in its vicinity with airborne particles and odors.

It is very important to contact a certified professional sewage mitigation company, like Absolute Flood Response, as soon as you notice sewage or bathroom backup problems. Sewage not only destroys belongings and structures, but is a breeding ground for some very nasty germs and diseases that can cause serious health problems. Standing sewage can even cause ecological damage if not taken care of in a timely manner. Absolute Flood Response covers all of Las Vegas and is available 24/7 for emergencies.

Absolute Flood Response is IICRC certified in sewage removal, cleanup and restoration, all while using 100% organic botanical cleansers. We take sewage very seriously and employ high-tech methods and equipment for fast, safe and environmentally sound sewage removal. And we will work with your insurance company, to get your home or building cleaned up, disinfected and rebuilt quickly and professionally.

When it happens to you, you don’t have to ask yourself “My bathroom backed up, now what do I do?” Call (702) 243-5663 for the best sewage remediation services in Las Vegas and allow us the privilege of serving you.

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Fair Pricing:
There are no hidden costs. Prices are dictated by the standard XACTIMATE pricelist that is determined by the Insurance industry, ensuring that you or your insurance is never overcharged.

Personal Service:
24/7 service by real people. We never use an answering service or foreign call center, which means that Absolute Flood Response is always at the other end, ready to serve you.

Proven Technicians:
Our professional technicians are IICRC-Certified and trained to go along with their existing years of experience and training.

Absolute Flood Response started in 2008 and has since satisfied thousands of customers with our reliable service. Our goal of 100 percent satisfaction shows with our numerous positive online reviews as well as our repeat customers.

Protecting Customers:
Respecting customers and their property is among our top priorities. Your time and property are always treated with respect, appointments are kept promptly and your possessions are handled with care to ensure its safety.

The Right Stuff:
We have seen and dealt with it all, but that doesn't mean that life doesn't throw us all some curveballs. Our dedicated and creative staff mean that a solution can always be custom-created, even if the restoration need is unique. Always done as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

We Are Green:
Absolute Flood Response is a company that believes in environmental care, meaning that we use environmentally-friendly materials, such as Benefect, substances and waste disposal procedures are always followed carefully, because it's the right thing to do.

A Caring Approach:
Honest and true concern for customers by genuine people who care is rare these days, but, it's the way we do business at Absolute Flood Response.